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Wheelman® Autosteering starting at $3,995

Wheelman Pro | Wheelman Flex
Autosteering Any Farmer Can Afford 

Any Budget. Any Farm. Any Season.




  • Cut Costs
    Wheelman can pay for itself quickly through reduced crop inputs, labor and maintenance costs. Plus, no dealer or subscription fees!

  • Works With The Vehicle You Have
    We designed Wheelman Autosteering to work with new and old vehicle alike, so you can take an old tractor and have it tilling, planting or spraying as accurately as a new tractor.

  • Easy, No Experience Required
    Wheelman is really simple to buy, install, and use. You can purchase it directly from this website and install it yourself in a few hours. 

  • Spend Less Time In Your Tractor
    Wheelman delivers the proven productivity of Autosteering, allowing you to spend less time in your tractor and get more done.

  • DIY Installation
    Our customized kits have everything you need and don't require any special tools. Allowing you to install the device in just a couple of hours.

  • Whirl Autosteering App 
    Use our Whirl Autosteering App to calibrate and get started.


Any Budget. Any Farm. Any Season

Autosteering can be used on farms of all types. Row crops to broad acre. Hay/forage and pasture to ranching.

Automatically calculate planting rows when tilling soil


Calculate automatically where each pass should be for maximum efficiency.

Monitor your planter and attachments


Supervise your row cleaners and other attachments while  Wheelman Autosteering drives.

Precisions spraying of chemicals


Apply chemicals with precision to ensure coverage of every plant while eliminating waste.

Harvest accurately, even in low light


Maintain accuracy and harvest more plants, even in low light conditions.



About Us

AgJunction's support of agriculture goes back nearly 30 years to the company's roots. In fact, AgJunction pioneered autosteering in agriculture when students from Stanford defied doubters and created GPS guided autosteering for farming. Today, the company holds approximately 200 patents and patents pending in the US, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia. AgJunction continues its commitment to agriculture by making autosteer accessible to all farmers through Wheelman.

Wheelman might be a new brand, but the company behind Wheelman and is not new to agriculture. You might better recognize AgJunction by some of its historic brands like Beeline, Novariant, AutoFarm, and ParaDyme. Today, AgJunction is the autosteering brains behind products like CLAAS, AgLeader, Teejet and Outback.


Approximately 200 patents and patents pending
Pioneers of autosteering since 1990
Compatible with over 700 tractor makes and models