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Affordable Autosteer for All Farmers

The plant matters and the land matters. When you farm precisely where the plant is and tend uniquely to the land where you plant, you raise yields, eliminate waste, save input cost and time, and your farm -- your legacy -- prospers.

Learn about hands-free farming and join the revolution.

Every farm. Every season.

Hands-free farming means getting more from your existing land and equipment by
reducing the input overlap and lost crops that dig into your profits.

Automatically calculate planting rows when tilling soil


Automatically calculate where each pass should be for maximum efficiency.

Monitor your planter and attachments


Monitor your row cleaners and other attachments while autosteer drives.

Precisions spraying of chemicals


Apply chemicals with precision so there's no waste and no plant gets missed.

Harvest accurately, even in low light


Maintain accuracy and harvest more plants, even in low-light conditions.

Rely on Wheelman to steer, so you can farm.

Designed for every farm, every tractor. Install and autosteer in less than an hour.

Powered by Whirl autosteering software including the Whirl mobile app to control your Wheelman with your mobile phone.