Wheelman™ Autosteering for $3,995

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Autosteering Any Farmer Can Afford 

Any Budget. Any Farm. Any Season.

  • Save $15 An Acre Each Season
    Wheelman pays for itself in the first year for farms over 270 acres through reduced input, labor and maintenance costs.

  • Works With The Equipment You Have
    We designed Wheelman Autosteering to work with new and old equipment alike, so you can take an old tractor and have it tilling, planting, spraying or harvesting as accurately as a new tractor.

  • Easy, No Experience Required
    Wheelman is really simple to buy, install and use. You can purchase it directly from this website and install it yourself in a few hours.


Less is more with Wheelman Autosteering

Get more from your existing land and equipment by reducing overlap that dig into your profits.



Automatically calculate planting rows when tilling soil


Automatically calculate where each pass should be for maximum efficiency.

Monitor your planter and attachments


Monitor your row cleaners and other attachments while  Wheelman Autosteering drives.

Precisions spraying of chemicals


Apply chemicals with precision to ensure coverage of every plant while eliminating waste.

Harvest accurately, even in low light


Maintain accuracy and harvest more plants, even in low light conditions.