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May 24, 2019

As if farmers didn’t already feel the constraints on their time to get everything done, the spring of 2019 certainly isn’t helping. If there’s any year that farmers wish they could literally slow down the clock or double the speed at which they can work, it’s this year. 

While autosteer can’t actually double the speed at which a farmer works, there are a few ways it can help get more done in less time.

1. Reduce overlap – You don’t want to skip any parts of the field, so farmers often overlap as much as 20% when they control the steering manually. Using autosteer, you can reduce overlap significantly, meaning you get more field out of each pass.

2. Drive faster – Literally, autosteer lets farmers go faster for longer periods of time. Even driving just 1-3 mph over hundreds of acres can make a big difference in total time in field.

3. Look behind you – All the important work is happening behind you. Autosteer lets you keep your eye on what’s happening in your field with your implement. You only have to turn around at the end of the field. 

4. Multitask – While autosteer does the busy work, farmers can spend more time running their business. Email, call your accountant, talk with your agronomist, even research to see if you want to make any last-minute input changes this season.

5. Relax – Autosteering reduces the fatigue of farming so time on the tractor seems to go faster. And you are getting more done, so it's not all in your mind. Plus, as the saying goes, “The hurrier you go, the behinder you get.”

For farmers who don’t have autosteer, they can get a Wheelman Pro or Wheelman Flex from AgJunction by visiting

Of course, no matter how quickly anyone wants to get this spring’s field work done, safety should always be priority No. 1.

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