Bridging the Technology Divide for Small Farms

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February 12, 2019

Autosteer for every farm.

Ag Tech is changing the future of agriculture. This next green revolution isn’t being powered by diesel, molecules or genetics, but instead by a series of 1’s and 0’s and hardware. Farms today are more efficient and sustainable than ever before thanks to precision agriculture, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many other technologies that we couldn’t have imagined possible a generation ago.

And while many large farms have been able to benefit from these advancements, smaller farms have often been further disadvantaged as the high capital requirements of many of these emerging technologies keep them out of reach. While technology has helped to flatten the world in many ways, it has struggled to level the playing field in agriculture.

Take autosteer as an example. Since first coming to the market around 20 years ago, autosteer has become the foundational technology for much of the precision agriculture movement. Large farms were able to reduce operating costs (fuel and labor) and input costs (fertilizers, pesticides and seed) by making an upfront investment to reduce overlaps in the field.

Smaller farmers found themselves unable to unlock these benefits as there were no affordable and easy-to-install systems available. Over the last two decades, companies continued to focus their efforts on developing expensive OEM systems on new tractors, or expensive and complex aftermarket systems all focused on large farm models (and likely newer/larger equipment). Until now, small farms could either miss out on the benefits of autosteer or they could buy a used system and try their hand at a complex install job. But all of that is changing.

At AgJunction®, we recognized that farms of all-sizes can, and should, be given the chance to benefit from autosteer. All farmers should be able to reduce their costs and operator fatigue and better utilize data, regardless of size. And since the average farm size in the US is 440 acres, that meant the average American farmer was being put at a disadvantage.

A few years ago, we made the decision to shift our focus and committed to building an aftermarket autosteer system specifically for smaller farms. We knew the system had to be affordable, easy-to-use, simple to install and absolutely reliable. As the company with the deepest roots and most patents in the autosteering space, we were confident we could build the solution that farmers were missing. And we did.

We are now selling the WheelmanTM autosteering system for the 2019 crop year. For less than $4,000, this complete system bolts on to virtually any tractor in about an hour, including calibration, all with a few simple hand tools. Autosteer for EVERY farm has finally arrived.

Come see for yourself:

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