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November 26, 2019

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably asking yourself the perennial question: What do I get the SF (significant farmer) in my life? 

You know the usual suspects:  Socks, ties, coffee mugs, thermoses, jeans, and cologne.  

Although we’re sure the farmer you’re buying for appreciates all of these things, may we suggest you opt for something that will make their eyes light up? 

We’ve prepared a brief list to give you gift-giving inspiration — even if the person receiving the gift is yourself! The list is organized by price category. 

Remember these glad tidings:  A few farm tech gifts on this list are also tax write-offs, so you can accomplish two things at one time. Save the receipt!


Yobenki Warm Touchscreen Gloves

$20 with Amazon Prime

4.4 stars with 183 5-star reviews (of 246 total)

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Tech has limitations, and work gloves are a prime example. With gloves, there is a level of compromise:  You can have warmth, heavy-duty durability, and touchscreen fingertips - you just can’t have all three at the same time.  These gloves are not going to work for labor-intensive chores, but for lighter work, you get all the warmth and touchscreen convenience you’re looking for. 

We think this is the right balance.  For days you’re handling a tablet or phone, whether you’re in a truck or tractor, these will keep your hands comfortably warm and let you control your device at the same time.  If you were out fixing fences, you wouldn’t need the touchscreen ability anyway. Therefore, these hit the sweet spot.

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds

$33 with Amazon Prime

4.3 stars with 2,291 5-star reviews (of 3,872 total)

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One reviewer says, “These punch harder and higher than their price point suggests.”  That says it all. These have excellent battery life, they’re comfortable in the ear, and the volume range works for almost every farm environment.  The noise-cancelling on these makes them a great choice for louder farm chores, especially those in or around tractors and combines, or near fans and burners.

These earbuds have won the hearts of thousands of people, and with good reason.  If you lose or damage them, you won’t feel like you should be filing an insurance claim.  They’re easy on the wallet while delivering sound quality and comfort you’d expect in their much pricier competitors.

TCTEC Digital Voice Recorder Pen

$40 with Amazon Prime

4.4 stars with 64 5-star reviews (of 87)

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Unless you’ve upgraded your phone recently, you might know the pain of having a phone with storage that’s always filled to the brim, threatening to spill over (making it impossible to store more).  Voice memos add to the storage woes.

This pen wins the day with its easy 220-hour storage capacity.  Want to brainstorm while in the tractor? This pen can do the job.  Want to record a strategy session with your business partner? Capture every word, right here.  Want to remember what the nice clerk at the USDA office said? Ask if you can record the conversation so you can remember the details later.  Parts list? Stick it in the pen. The possibilities are endless.

Bonus:  You can record while you write, and it looks professional.  This pen ups a farmer’s game.


Synology NAS Disk Station (Personal cloud backup)

$167 with Amazon Prime

4.3 stars with 204 5-star reviews (of 312)

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Saving your digital files in the cloud is a great way to manage your data, but some things are best kept at home.  Farmers are constantly taking pictures of crop conditions, cattle, identification badges on equipment (to keep those serial numbers handy), and a wide array of other things.  Phone storage fills up fast, and a Synology NAS (network-attached storage) gives farmers a place to offload their images and video while still keeping it handy. Files on the Synology NAS can be accessed anywhere with the smartphone app.  The Synology NAS can also be used with security cameras to make a robust surveillance station.

If you’re looking for a way to store farm photos, voice memos, and the many other media files you generate on your farm or ranch, the Synology NAS gets it done both reliably and economically.

Beartooth (Off-grid communication devices)

$249 for 2 at Beartooth
(currently offering a discount for January delivery that brings the price to $187)

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If you live in a place where cell reception is spotty, now you can create your own mesh network.  Enter Beartooth: The walkie-talkie that works with your smartphone to communicate by both voice and text.  Voice communication works if you’re within up to 5 miles of each other, and text works within up to 10 miles, depending on line of sight. Beartooth also makes it easy to find each other by sharing GPS coordinates.

Farmers and farmhands can finally communicate without the hiccups of dicey cell service because of products like Beartooth.  Adding this layer of reliability makes farming in cell-starved areas that much safer.


Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

$685 at Davis

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How’s the weather out there?  The nearest weather station to your farm does not always accurately reflect your weather conditions — even 10 miles can make a huge difference.  Why not set up your own weather station at your home place?

This weather station can withstand extreme temperatures and high winds while maintaining accurate sensor data.  

On top of that, you can mark your place in the weather-geek world: Davis offers add-ons compatible with the Vantage Pro2 that make your data shareable online.  

Farmers are thinking about data now more than ever, and this weather station really delivers.  The console stores historical data that helps farmers analyze the weather’s impact on crops and cattle.


Wheelman Pro (aftermarket agricultural autosteering)

$3,995 at HandsFreeFarm

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If this seems a little hefty for a gift under the tree, we offer this thought:  Your days of purchasing farm equipment to write off on your 2019 taxes are coming to a close.  What a great opportunity to give the Significant Farmer in your life the gift of comfort, time-savings, and data in the tractor while improving your tax position before the year wraps up.

The Wheelman Pro fits on almost any tractor, regardless of age.  You can install it with tools that are already in your toolbox in just a couple of hours.  This autosteer works for all sorts of tractor duty, from spreading fertilizer and spraying crops to feeding cattle. Anytime you need to get from A to B and 6-8” precision will do, this autosteer fits the bill.  It’s so versatile, your SF will use it in every season. 

When you order the Wheelman Pro, it is shipped directly to you — no dealer runaround, no expensive support packages, no middleman markup.  

It comes with the Whirl mobile app, which is free for both iOS and Android devices. The Wheelman Pro makes long hours in the tractor shorter and less stressful — it’s truly a gift that will be appreciated throughout the whole year.  


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