How Autosteering Helps Advance Farm Stewardship

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June 28, 2019


Smart AutosteeringTM is not just convenient and helps with precision farming – it can help you with your farm stewardship. Since the dawn of agriculture, farmers have been natural caretakers and agents of the land. With the advance of precision agriculture technologies, stewardship advances as well. Smart autosteering technology reduces the environmental impact of farming activities, helping you be a good steward of the land in three key ways:

  1. Reduce machine time and fuel consumption – Smart autosteering helps you farm faster, getting more done in less time. In turn, you reduce machine time and fuel consumption. Less time in the tractor means fewer emissions. Plus, there’s a financial benefit, as you save money on fuel and labor.
  2. Reduce soil compaction – Over time, equipment traffic can compact and destroy the structure of the soil, contributing to runoff and erosion. Smart autosteering enables you to be more precise with your field work, reducing equipment traffic and subsequent soil compaction. In turn, less tillage is required to alleviate this soil compaction, reducing soil-related greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Reduce inputs – Smart autosteering facilitates better accuracy when applying inputs, such as herbicides or fertilizers in your fields. With more efficiency, you only use what the field needs, thereby reducing waste and saving money. When it comes to the 4R philosophy, autosteering plays an important role in achieving the right rate in the right place. This precise application is great for conservation and great for limiting input overages and waste, so less leeches into groundwater or runs off into local waterways.

Overall, the environment benefits from smart autosteering in the form of reduced emissions, soil compaction and inputs. Farmers also benefit from smart autosteering through increased efficiency and reduced costs. Smart autosteering also eliminates slop-space, allowing you to plant narrow rows and grow more per acres, resulting in higher yields. But, most importantly, smart autosteering helps you take care of and sustain your land for future generations. And that, is what stewardship is all about.

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