Hassle-free, Hands-free farming for everyone

Doug Marinaro, VP Strategy for AgJunction

Doug Marinaro, VP Strategy for AgJunction About The Author

January 5, 2018

Why shouldn’t every farmer farm hands-free?

Farming isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle - a legacy that you cherish and, hopefully, pass on to your children. Economic pressures threaten that legacy. The accepted thinking is that farms have to grow big to survive or die. We believe there’s another way.

pasted image 0.pngDig deeper, and the answer becomes clear. Big farms prosper because they have the precision agriculture technology to get more out of their land at a lower price. At the heart of precision agriculture is autosteering - the ability to till, plant, spray, and harvest precisely where you need to.

According to the USDA, autosteering (guidance system) alone can save $15 per acre each year in input, fuel, and maintenance costs and that’s just the beginning. Hands-free farming lets you focus on farming, not steering, reducing fatigue, lessening the dependency on expert labor, and helping farmers be better stewards of their land.

So, why don’t all farmers farm hands-free? The technology, first introduced almost twenty years ago, is now common for larger farms (over 70% adopted) but is still somewhat rare for smaller farms (less than 30% adopted). 87% of annual crop farms are less than 1,000 acres in the U.S. with the average at 444 acres in 2017. A significant majority of U.S. operations don’t farm hands-free.

imageLikeEmbed.pngIn over 1,000 surveys during the past six months, we asked farmers why they didn’t autosteer and heard four main reasons:

  • Autosteer is too expensive
  • It’s unfamiliar and complex
  • My equipment is too old
  • My farm is too small

We took a look at ourselves and our industry and decided that we have to think different if we’re to ensure that every farmer can prosper through the benefits of hands-free farming. Frankly, we need to take the hassle out of hands-free farming.

Our industry seems to assume that every farmer can’t wait to learn about nuances of phase delay in GNSS so they can till a straight line. They seem to think farmers should know hundreds of options to price an autosteering solution. Many believe that precision agriculture only comes with a new half million dollar tractor when that 15 (or 30 or 50) year-old tractor can be just as precise.

Today, we introduce REBEL™ - hassle-free, hands-free farming for everyone. Hassle-free means simple to buy, easy to own, and perfect for your farm.

REBEL is simple to buy. It’s an all-in-one solution in three configurations for the way you farm (Broad-Acre, Row-Crop, Sub-Inch) at three prices listed on our website in US and Canadian dollars. Everything’s included to successfully hands-free farm - no extra parts, hoses, kits, or unlock codes needed.

REBEL is easy to own. Set-up is a snap with kits for more tractors than anyone else (including some 45 years old). We built in WiFi for over-the-air updates so your software is never out of date. And, you can let go and let autosteer do the work with automatic headland turns that smoothly get you back on line.

REBEL is perfect for your farm. Our team invented much of the technology that lets you autosteer nearly any terrain and control almost any implement so you can handle whatever challenges your farm throws at you.

Do the math. With REBEL starting at $5,995, hands-free farming is now in reach of the average farmer in the U.S.

Start by telling us more about how you farm, and you, too, can join the hands-free farming revolution today!