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August 7, 2019

On Monday, July 15, 2019, Jeff Hemphill, a longtime rancher in Lassen County, California, welcomed over a dozen farmers and ranchers to his ranch, the J.D. Hemphill Ranch, near Susanville, for the first-ever AgJunction Wheelman Field Day. Those in attendance were able to ask questions and see firsthand how Wheelman autosteer systems facilitate ranch tasks such as hay cutting and pasture management. Here, we share some key thoughts from the hosts, farmers and ranchers who were there to see the Wheelman Pro, Wheelman Flex and Whirl app in action. 

  1. Wheelman is a time-saver

Farmers and ranchers learned about the time-saving mechanics of Wheelman. Hemphill demonstrated how, on his ranch, Wheelman saves him several hours each week in a variety of tasks, including planting grain, managing pastures, cutting hay, disking and feeding cows. 

Said Nancy Hemphill, Jeff’s wife and the event’s co-host, “That’s huge for a rancher or farmer because there is always something else that needs to be done. If you can save a few hours per week cutting, seeding, or anything like that and start another project sooner, that’s much better. That kind of savings has been a godsend for us.”

  1. Wheelman provides quality and efficiency

Jeff cares about time-saving, but also cares about the quality of the work being done on his ranch. With Wheelman, he gets his farm work done with the quality he expects, and in the time needed. He can also multi-task while in the tractor cab.

“I really enjoy feeding cows,” said Jeff. “With Wheelman, I’m able to look at my cows better and pay more attention to my cattle.”

Jeff is also the county supervisor, so his time is limited. Wheelman gives him the time he needs to take care of his farm and take care of the rest of his life.

“It gives him time to talk on the phone, and he doesn’t have to worry that he’s going to miss a spot while he’s planting or cutting or anything like that,” said Nancy, “because the Wheelman is there doing that for him.”

  1. Wheelman is versatile

“There’s several places we could use Wheelman on our ranch,” said one rancher. And he wasn’t the only one to recognize the versatility of Wheelman. Many of the visiting farmers and ranchers were quick to volunteer different tasks they could do with the Wheelman device, including feeding cows, disking, planting grain, managing pastures and cutting hay.

  1. Wheelman is intuitive

Those in attendance were all in agreement that the Wheelman device and Whirl app are simple to install and use, compared to other autosteering systems.

  1. Wheelman is affordable

Capping off the reasons why Wheelman is its high value and affordability. )

Said one farmer, “The Wheelman will be a big money saver. Even for a small guy like me, it’s something that might actually be useful.”

Those in attendance were able to see how Wheelman can benefit their operations as a cost-effective system that is highly intuitive, versatile and saves time.

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