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Fit My Farm

Saving $15 per acre is just the beginning.

Hands-free farming with autosteer keeps your equipment where it’s supposed to be to drive real savings:

  • Autosteer saves labor, input, and machinery costReduce overlap
  • Save labor time and equipment operating time
  • Remember where you’ve been
  • Plant, till, spray, and harvest without waste
  • Gather data about what you’ve done

Relax. Let REBELTM steer for you.

The intelligence of REBELTM autosteering lets you pay attention to how you’re farming instead of how you’re steering:

  • Less fatigue with automated headland turns
  • Adapts to any terrain. Straight line, curved, contours, terraces, obstacles are no problem
  • Hard to see? Too slippery? Farm at night, in tall plantings, low visibility, on mud, and hillsides with precision

Get started with Guidance. Let RANGER™ show you the way.

RANGER™ Guidance can be the first step towards hands-free farming.

  • Save $7 per acre by reducing overlaps and minimizing spraying gaps
  • Supports both straight rows and irregular shaped fields and terraces
  • Keep your eyes on the farm instead of the map with patented display technology to alert you in advance to heading changes

Big or Small. Get payback faster than you think.

Tell us about how you farm to see how much you can save.

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