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Fit My Tractor

Save with the equipment you already own.

Skip buying the latest tractor. For most equipment you already own, there’s a hands-free farming solution that will fit.

REBEL™ autosteer system

  • Includes over 1,000 pre-tested hydraulic systems to steer older model equipment
  • Designed to work with the newer steer-ready equipment
  • Available electric steer option to turn the wheel of most farm equipment

RANGER™ guidance system

  • Mounts on any equipment you farm with
  • Uses GPS to guide you in straight rows or with contours on your irregular or terraced fields
  • Easily moves from tractor to sprayer to spreader

Easy to calibrate for optimal precision.

Calibration is the key to precision.

REBEL™ makes calibrating your equipment easy.

  • Pre-loaded profiles match the equipment you already own
  • Automatically fine-tunes calibration for the unique characteristics of your equipment

RANGER™ lets you get started right away.

  • Just enter a swath width and passes are automatically computed and tracked
  • Send precision GPS data to the equipment you connect with industry standard interfaces

Get hands-free farming with the equipment you already own

Tell us about the tractor, combine, sprayer, swather or other equipment you own, and we’ll tell you the best way to autosteer it.

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