Why Hands-Free?

Our goal with Hands-Free Farming is to make autosteering accessible to every farm and farmer. Why? It’s simple, autosteering opens the door to better and more cost-effective ways of farming, everyone benefits. How? We make sure you get everything you need to hands-free farm the way you want for one simple price.

Reduce your input costs & increase your outputs

Reducing your input costs and increasing your outputs is just good farming. Autosteering makes everything you do in your farming operation more efficient, from keeping your wheels between the rows to preventing overlap in tilling, planting, and spraying, to better yields when harvesting.

Maximize your time with less fatigue

Maximizing your time with less fatigue is what hands-free farming is all about. Autosteering helps you get more done faster. In some cases, meaning one machine can do the job of two, further reducing fuel, labor and maintenance costs.

Save $15/acre

Saving you $15 (USD) an acre with autosteering is the payback*. Hand-free farming makes it accessible to every farm and farmer regardless of how big or small your operation is.

*Source: 2010 USDA/Economic Research Service/National Agricultural Statistics Service Agricultural Resource Management Survey [ARMS] of corn producers.