REBEL Broad-Acre

Autosteer with 6-8” precision*

Broad Acre.pngComplete autosteering package great for broad-acre crops.  Includes 7-inch touchscreen display, smart antenna, intelligent drive control system, and custom hydraulic kit for your equipment, all for a single price.

Available options include:

  • 10-inch touchscreen display:  $1,000 USD

  • ISOBUS control system:  $1,000 USD

  • Legacy control system:  $2,000 USD

$5,995 USD


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*REBEL precision levels are stated in inches of cross-track error as reported and logged by the REBEL steering system while following an A=B guidance line at a speed between 3 and 10 mph under ideal conditions with a well-maintained, standard tractor. This precision level is a depiction of the ability of the system to steer to a guidance line, and does not reflect either the absolute accuracy of the position or pass-to-pass accuracy that will vary due to time delay between passes.

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REBEL™ comes fully-loaded with everything you need for the farming you do at one price.

  • No hidden fees or extra unlocks for critical software
  • Easy setup for your equipment
  • Always connected with built-in WiFi
  • Always current with wireless updates of your software
  • Simple-to-use with short-cut keys, LED power button, pinch-to-zoom

Autosteer Anywhere

REBEL™ intelligent autosteering lets you focus on farming, not steering.

  • Auto-Engage for easier end-of-row turns
  • Adapt to any terrain with all path types included
  • Return to till, spray, plant or harvest with every path stored
  • Easy calibration for optimal precision with pre-loaded profiles, and automated fine-tuning

Control Anything

Keep an eye on everything or let REBEL™ take control of rates and implement sections.

  • See your implements in action with ISOBUS and Camera windows integrated in the REBEL™ display
  • Control application rates automatically with optional ISOBUS Task and Multi-Product control available for modern ISOBUS implements
  • Older implement? Optional AC110 module provides application rate and implement section control for a range of legacy implements

Touchscreen Display

  • Ruggedized 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Built-in WiFi/Bluetooth for connectivity
  • ISOBUS UT interface
  • IP Camera ready
  • Power button with LED status or use vehicle ignition
  • Fanless cooling for quiet operation
  • On-board help system
  • Over-the-air software updates

Option: 10-inch Touchscreen Display for additional $1,000 USD



Intelligent Drive

  • eDrive XD broad-acre steering system
  • Guidance paths include A=B Pattern, A+ Direction, Pivot, A=B Contour, Detour Contour, and Free-Form Contour
  • Auto-Engage for easier end-of-row turns
  • Unique steering algorithms for 2WD, MFWD tractors, articulated tractors, sprayers, combines, and swathers

Smart Antenna

  • Utilizes free WAAS GPS
  • Tracks L1, L1CA and L1P satellite signals
  • Rugged design, small footprint
  • < 60 sec. cold start time
  • < 30 sec. warm start time
  • < 10 sec. hot start time

Hydraulic Kit

  • Over 1,200 models supported


Control Options

  • Option: ISOBUS Control for $1,000 USD

- Task control for ISO ready implements (TC)

- Support for multiple implements at the same time (Multi-product)

  • Option: Legacy Control for $2,000 USD

- Control implements that are not ISOBUS compatible

- Control section and rate for up to 10 sections