Wheelman Pro

Autosteering Every Farmer Can Afford

Wheelman Pro™ is a complete, GPS autosteering system to automatically and accurately steer your farm equipment in each phase of farming including planting, spraying, tilling, and harvesting, helping you save $15 an acre each season.*

You can install Wheelman yourself in less than an hour using a few simple tools and your smartphone or tablet. Wheelman is easy to use for every person on your farm. Just power-up, set an A=B line following our simple video instructions, and let your Wheelman take control.

Wheelman Pro is rugged with dust and water resistance to survive outside a cab and equipped with a patented high-torque motor which, together with the high accuracy GPS antenna, can keep even older tractors on track - achieving a 4-6 inch accuracy.

Whirl™ is the brains inside your Wheelman, on your smartphone or tablet, and online that uses the information you provide about your equipment and what you're pulling together with continuously gathered data from GPS satellites and internal sensors to stay on path. You can control your equipment with the Wheelman dashboard or you can use the Whirl app on your smartphone to easily set your rows (A=B, contour), nudge, snap, and see your progress on a moving map. And, Whirl captures everything you do securely in Whirl online so you can sign-in and stay informed about how efficiently you farm.

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$3995 USD


Limited availability for 2018 - get yours now before they’re gone!

*Source: 2010 USDA/Economic Research Service/National Agricultural Statistics Service Agricultural Resource Management Survey [ARMS] of corn producers.

Affordable Productivity

  • Make the tractor you already own, more productive. Add a Wheelman, eliminate overlaps and skips, and start saving $15 an acre through reduced input, labor and maintenance costs.*
  • At $3995, if you farm 300 acres or more, you can get payback in the first season.
  • Even older tractors are no problem for Wheelman’s high-torque motor
  • Built-to-last, dustproof/waterproof (IP67) to give you years of improved productivity.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  • Get started autosteering quickly, when you're ready, on your terms.
  • Click to buy direct and your Wheelman will arrive at your doorstep
  • Install Wheelman yourself in less than an hour using a few simple tools
  • Calibrate your Wheelman to the unique characteristics of your tractor and implements with the Whirl mobile app on your smartphone or tablet guiding you through a few easy steps
  • Now everyone on your farm can farm precisely and productively. Our simple video instructions accessed through the Whirl app show you everything you need to know.
  • Have a question? Get support instantly from our knowledge base or connect to one of our experts available whenever you need help.


  • Everything about Wheelman is hassle-free so farming is your focus.
  • Let your Wheelman do the steering for you with a 4-6 inch accuracy.
  • Reduce fatigue and strain on your eyes, shoulders, and back.
  • Don’t worry about updates. Whirl keeps your Wheelman up-to-date always.
  • Don’t worry about your data. Whirl automatically stores your data securely and just for you in Whirl online.
  • Don’t worry about your employees. Whirl lets you track the efficiency of every acre farmed by you or anyone on your team.


  • Easy: Powered by Whirl™ - the brains inside your Wheelman, on your smartphone or tablet, and online - to make autosteering simple.
  • Accurate:  Whirl automatically directs Wheelman to steer every millisecond to keep you on path.
  • Automatic: Your equipment will steer better over time as Whirl gains deeper understanding of your tractor’s behavior
  • Informative: Keep track of how you’ve farmed over time and how everyone on your team performs with historical data, efficiency calculations, and productivity benchmarks

Wheelman Pro High-Performance Autosteer

  • High torque to respond quickly even with older equipment.
  • Waterproof sealed design (IP67 certified).
  • Smart power switch indicates system readiness.
  • Simple install with attachment kit and power/data cable – no special tools required.
  • Durable high-grip wheel.

Smart Antenna

  • Utilizes free high accuracy WAAS GPS
  • Tracks L1, L1CA and L1P satellite signals
  • Rugged design, small footprint
    • < 60 sec. cold start time
    • < 30 sec. warm start time
    • < 10 sec. hot start time

Whirl inside

  • High performance control system, continuously calibrated, remotely upgradeable
  • Guidance paths include A=B pattern. Other paths coming soon!
  • Unique steering algorithms for MFWD tractors. Other vehicle types coming soon!

Whirl mobile app

  • Available for iOS or Android phones and tablets.
  • Secure, simple sign-in to protect your device and data.
  • Easily add and manage others who work your farm.
  • Automatically sync’s to your Wheelman and Whirl online.
  • Calibrates your Wheelman in three simple steps to with most equipment. Uses information provided at time of purchase.
  • Set your A=B straight path to start autosteering.
  • Live map updates to show where you’ve farmed and the path you’re on.
  • Use Nudge and Snap to adjust the autosteer as needed.

Whirl Online

  • All your farm data stored and backed up securely for each Wheelman and any future Whirl-compatible devices
  • Review cropland coverage, speed, and efficiency for you and others who work your farm.
  • Secure, simple sign-in to protect your data.
  • Easily add and manage others who you want to share data with.

DIY Install And Calibration

  • Download the Whirl app to your smartphone and register your Wheelman Pro
  • Remove your existing wheel.
  • Install using the attachment kit (provided).
  • Attach Wheelman Pro and new wheel securely.
  • Attach Smart Antenna magnetically to your roof.
  • Plug in power/data cable and turn-on.
  • Start the Whirl app and sync with your Wheelman.
  • Follow the three-step calibration
  • Start farming more productively!