Everything you need to farm with precision.

To help every farm reduce input costs and increase outputs, we offer solutions designed to fit how you farm, from simple steering guidance to automatic steering.

Briefcase_Laptop_Screen.png Wheelman™ powered by Whirl™

Wheelman™ – Autosteering Every Farmer Can Afford

Designed to get you steering hands-free in less than 1 hour achieving a 4-6 inch accuracy.

  • Affordable productivity – Wheelman delivers the precision to save you $15 an acre at a price that pays for itself in the first season but with ruggedness you can rely on for many more.
  • Install yourself – Wheelman lets every farmer install and calibrate on any tractor in less than an hour, so you start farming precisely right away.
  • Hassle-free – Wheelman alleviates the strain of hours of manual steering with smooth autosteering and a design that simplifies your life, so farming is your focus.
  • Smart – Wheelman is powered by Whirl™ - the brains inside your Wheelman, on your smartphone or tablet, and online, to make steering automatic and accurate and to track your farming efficiency and performance over time.



Precision Farming Made Simple

Get started quickly with our steering guidance system.

  • Ready, right out of the box - Ranger includes everything you need, installs in minutes, and is simple to use, to let you start farming precisely right away.
  • Built for farmers - Ranger easy guidance is built solid and built smart by AgJunction, a leading provider of precision ag solutions for 20 years.
  • Buy direct - Affordable, all-in-one, and you can buy Ranger now in our eStore.