In the Fields

Chris Denton - Installed Wheelman® Flex in an Hour
Wheelman® - Hassle Free & DIY Installation
Whirl™ App Paired with Wheelman® - Get More Done in Less Time
Avoid Overlap with the Whirl™ App and Wheelman®

Farmer Stories

Ryan Kuster - Cover More Ground with Wheelman®
Wheelman® Increased yields up to $15 per acre
Saved up to $13,000 with Wheelman®
Farmers Use Wheelman® on their Existing Tractors
Wheelman® Takes the Stress Away
"Best $4,000 You'll Spend on a Farm or Ranch"
Spend Less Time in the Tractor, Get More Done and Save Fuel

How To

Install the Whirl™ App on iPhone
How to Install Wheelman® Pro
Wheelman® Flex Gear and Flex Install
Wheelman® Calibration
How to Install the Wheelman® Flex Spacer
How to Install Wheelman® Flex

Wheelman Benefits

Save Time with Wheelman®
Less Fatigue with Wheelman®
Environmentally Friendly Wheelman®
Save Money with Wheelman®